Saturday, August 25, 2007

Odo, the Bad Monkey

Odo needed a Duchy scroll and had spent the better part of his reign tormenting me. For months I had been telling him he was a bad monkey.

As he had no preferences on what I painted... I painted bad monkeys. The one at top left is scratching his backside. The one at bottom left is stealing a jewel while flagellating himself. The one at top right... well his hand is interesting position and he looks quite happy about it.

The original piece was French and actually included all of these elements. Even the very naughty monkeys. Isn't that handy?


Tetchubah said...

Well, Melesse, bad monkeys are perfectly period and I can show you a lot of examples if you're interested.

Flying monkeys, now....less so. But maybe I just haven't come across the right hybrid yet.


Melesse said...

It was a very fun piece to do. The originakl inspiration had all of those monkeys in those exact poses.

I would love one that flies though

Melesse said...

And yes, I would love some more bad monkey examples!