Monday, August 08, 2011

Johann’s Grant of Arms


This Grant of Arms was created for HL Johann Craft and was bestowed upon him at Gulf Wars by King Lorcann and Queen Grainne .

The calligraphy for the page was executed by HL Gwenhwfyr ber Cain.

Things we lost in the fire.


These are the only photos that seem to exist of a two page spread I created as a Pelican scroll for Baron Meredudd. The photos were taken before the final details and the calligraphy were added.

The text read:

Each legend begins with one man.

One man with a love of Trimaris and a heart strong enough to bring change can use his hands and his heart to help shape a Kingdom. Through long years of service, this man ensures the betterment of his land and by his deeds this man commits his name to the tide of history. Such a man is Maredudd ap Cynan.
With your guidance we improve Trimaris. By your voice we know Trimaris. With your drum we celebrate Trimaris.

As your works have served only to improve and advance Our Kingdom, We Gunnar and Anastasia do hereby elevate you to the Order of the Pelican by these letters patent with all rights and privileges thereto appertaining on this twenty seventh day of May in the Thirty Fifth year of our Society.image

A few months ago, Baron Meredudd and Baroness Cheri’s home caught fire and the damage was quite extensive. The home was left unlivable, and they lost many things in the fire. This scroll, and many other of their SCA awards were lost.

If you by any chance have, or know someone who has a photo of this piece when finished, please contact me. I would really like a copy.