Saturday, August 25, 2007

Cherish, Countess

This page was from yet another unremembered French book. Too bad I didn't write any of this down while working on these pieces. I guess deadlines were looming and when time is running short who has time to blog?

The piece itself involved a lot of miniatures, and I have to say I was never happy enough with the capital miniature... but I could never figure out what it needed. The whitework in the capital and throughout the leaves made me much happier.

Slightly more amusing however, this image of me painting was captured by one of my roommates. Yes, this is actually how I work. A litter of paints, pallets, and diet coke cans surround me. I prefer to work directly above pieces which involves me standing, but my feet get tired so I swap off. One knee on the chair and then the other. It looks perfectly ridiculous. I fully admit that. If you have a piece of illumination I have produced, this image is probably indicative of how it was produced. If you can just mentally fill in the loud Depeche Mode in the background, you mostly have it.

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