Thursday, July 25, 2019

This Olde (Cat)House current cast and alumni

I cannot save them all, but I have helped to save these:
  1. SubZero: Angel
  2. Annabel Lee: Jennifer F.
  3. Montressor: Kelli S.
  4. Edgar Allan: Kelli S.
  5. Lenore: Jennifer F.
  6. Catherine Earnshaw: Lisa S
  7. Linton: Lisa S
  8. Heathcliff: Leigh H.
  9. Dorian Grey: Angela W.
  10. Mina Harker: Angela W.
  11. Mycroft Holmes: Christopher C
  12. Sherlock Holmes: Christopher C
  13. Irene Addler: Christopher H
  14. Josiana: Leanna M
  15. Quincey Morris: Arlene L
  16. Jonah Hex: Arlene L
  17. Isolde: Cathy T.
  18. Dana Scully: Kristen G.
  19. Cheeto: Mira and Zayn
  20. Dorito: Mira and Zayn
  21. Caramel: Sue B
  22. Sable: Sue B
  23. Cordelia Naismith: Ashley A
  24. Lily Durona: Ashley A
  25. Rowan Durona: Jayne G
  26. Elli Quinn: Susan G
  27. Miles Vorkosigan: Rick F
  28. Ivan Vorpatril: Rick F
  29. Lucy Pevensie: Lisa D
  30. Edmund Pevensie: Lisa D
  31. Peter Pevensie: Jamaal T.
  32. Susan Pevensie; Kristen G
  33. Gypsy: Dawn H
  34. Silva: Dawn H
  35. Auggie Pullman: Kimberly
  36. Charles Bingley: Joyce B
  37. Fitzwilliam Darcy: Joyce B
  38. Allan Quartermain: Daryl and Lisa P
  39. Atticus Finch: Angel and Denise M
  40. Scout Finch: Angel and Denise M
  41. Emily Cratchit: TNVR
  42. Armand de Romanus: Working
  43. Augustin de Lioncourt: Working
  44. Lestat de Lioncourt: Patricia M
  45. Deirdre Mayfaire: Working
  46. Mona Mayfaire
  47. Merrick Mayfaire
  48. Emily Bronte: Working
  49. Charlotte Bronte: Working
  50. Nymphadora Tonks: Kerry G
  51. Luna Lovegood: Working
  52. Sirius Black: Bethany C.
  53. Albus Dumbledore: Ulthar
  54. Andromeda Black: Lisa B
  55. Bellatrix Lestrange: Lisa B
  56. Cuthbert Binns: Crystal G
  57. Filius Flitwick: Crystal G
  58. Helena Ravenclaw: Annarely M.
  59. Poppy Pomfrey: Nate L
  60. Minerva McGonagall: Talina D
  61. Sybill Trelawney: Victoria
  62. Wilhelmina Plank: Victoria
  63. Percy Weasley: Ulthar
  64. Fleur Delacour: Kerry G.
  65. Ginny Weasley: Ulthar
  66. Charlie: Beth C
  67. Mr. T: Ulthar
  68. Maria: Earl and Janet S
  69. Hawthorne: Bethany B
  70. Rayne: Hexy
  71. Lala: Rachel B
  72. Nigel: Susan G
  73. Salem: Laura S
  74. Lavender: Susan H
  75. Magic Mike: Shayna R
  76. Thunder: Maya H 
  77. Lightning: Maya H
  78. Idgie Threadgoode: Amanda V
  79. Ruth Jamison: Amanda V 
  80. Merry: Working 
  81. Giles Corey: Working
  82. Livvy: Working
  83. Providence: Libby and Steve
  84. J Alfred Prufrock: Kristen G, Whitney
  85. Flapjack: Melissa M
  86. Waffle: Karen O
  87. Maple: AJ L
  88. Elizabeth "Beth" March: Daryl and Lisa P.

Available for Adoption!

  1. Bright: Bright white young gentleman with tabby grey patch eyebrows. Loves head scritchings like no other.
  2. Jolly Mostly grey tabby with white feet and belly and a few random white spots on his coat. He loves to run and play.
  3. Frolic: Interesting grey tabby with cool markings on face. Also fast and likes to play. Right now, little buddy has a cold and is being treated. Poor guy.
  4. Blithe: White with harlequin grey tabby patches. He's soft like a stuffed animal.
  5. Josephine Jo March: stunning color patched tabby in grey and ginger girl with a white belly
  6. Amy Curtis March (Available): beautiful brown marbled tabby girl
  7. Margaret Meg March (Available): beautiful brown marbled tabby girl
  8. John Brooke (Available): handsome brown tiger tabby lad