Monday, May 05, 2008

Elena's County

This was done some 6-7 years ago. One of my first pieces on vellum, this was a bit of a learning experience. It was also the second time I was using ground mineral pigments, making my own glair, and I was still not so sure-handed with gilding.

Why my friends asked me to produce work in this period, I have no clue. I look back at pages done years ago and can see only the flaws.

Based upon folio 124r of the Manesse Codex depicting Walther von der Vogelweide sitting in a pose described in one of his most famous songs, I adapted this page for Elena's County. I used a more feminine border from another page of the Codex Manesse and left out the helm and scroll depicted in the original.

One personal addition, a tiny purple goblet, was inserted at the bottom of the frame as a bit of fun-poking at my dear friend Elena.

I do have to say it is very odd looking with fresh eyes at a project done so long ago.

Elena's Duchy

I executed this duchy for Duchess Elena several years ago (maybe five to six years ago) but this is the first time I have had access to an image.

Executed in ground mineral pigments, shell gold, red vermillion ink, on vellum.

I need to look up the origin of the piece to give any more information. Honestly, its been years.