Friday, August 24, 2007

Codex Aureus... so far.

These are scans of the original pages from the Codex Aureus that I have used for inspiration. Looking back I question what I was thinking to suggest these pages. The devil is in the details on this one.

This image is the full view of the page upon which I have been working. The 'gloss' portion of the text, the major capital, the knotwork and spirals, and some further detailing are still to be added.

There are some distinct color changes made to accommodate the preferences of the recipient. Instances of pink have been removed and replaced with a pale green.

Some other Easter eggs: Behind the pelican you can just make out faint markings that are a pseudo asian script... inspired by The Matrix.

The female figure in the right hand rondel represents Baroness Ysabela. In the imame she is holding 'George' her beloved 2x4 with a 9 inch nail driven through the end. The background is a play on her arms that includes red goutes, turned white for contrast but still reminiscent of blood spray.

The figure on the left represents Baron Taly. He holds a scroll with an alpha and omega and pictured behind him is the Big Bang. He's rather venerable. His response to seeing this was 'Grandbaby, the Big Bang looked nothing like that'.

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