Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Heart Swells

My former foster apprentice, now one of our newest Laurels, Mistress Maeva scored a very impressive 25/25 at the Gulf Wars Art/Sci competition. A perfect score. Rare and impressive.

Trimaris won the Gulf Wars Art/Sci War Point!

Clearly, the standards for inter-kingdom Calligraphy and Illumination Art/Sci entries have been set and the bar is fairly high. These masterwork pieces all encompassed the use of vellum (some made from inexpensive drum heads), period pigments, real gold leaf, hand-made quills, hand-made brushes, oak gall ink, and period techniques straight out of period sources.

I know this may seem daunting, but this truly is all about the process of a medieval scribe and the challenges of working with materials that were then standard for this art. Sure, modern substituted materials are just perfect for knocking out C&I for award charters and such, but when it comes to Art/Sci we need to keep the bar high. Using modern materials, one can practice period painting techniques and then transition to period materials (as time, skill and cost allow) at their own pace.

Not every piece will be a masterwork. However, if you want to create a masterwork and watch it go all the way... you need to recognize what is expected. Calligraphy and illumination executed with the materials and techniques of the middle ages scribe. Clearly, it can be done. There were three perfect scores in C&I at the war... all of them had the same high standards and remarkable skill.

I had a great time judging Art/Sci with Mistress Anna Niki and a lovely apprentice lady (her name currently escapes me). Truly a fantastic experience.