Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Gerber Daisies and Black Ribbons

I was recently commissioned to create a piece for a wedding. My friends John and Maurissa were getting married and wanted a piece of art that they hang as a reminder of the joy and friends that shared their special day. At their request I created a set of signature pages where the wedding guests would be invited to add their names and help create a memory.

The wedding colors were black and white and the bride's bouquet was Gerber daisies in pink, orange, yellow and white. They expected to need about 110-115 signature lines and also wanted to include the names of some friends and relatives who had passed on but were in their thoughts on their wedding day.

I should have taken pictures of the pieces after they were matted in black but it was fairly late at night and I was pretty tired.

To the left is a detail from page one. Below you will find all three pages and another detail image at the bottom of this post.

The wedding was lovely: the bride was radiant, the groom beaming, the ceremony was sweet and just the right length and the reception was a great deal of fun with good food and karaoke. I'm glad I got to be there with my friends on their special day.

A Peek Inside My Heart

I do not mind who you love, that is your heart. I do not care to which god you pray, that is your faith. I do not think about the color of your skin or about where your ancestors arose, that is just history and DNA.

We are more than the sum of parts.

If you are good and giving, I will treasure you. If you are honest with me, I will give that to you in return. If you are kind and helpful, I will love you. 

If you are filled to brimming with hate, I have no place for you. If your words are poison, speak them somewhere else. 

Always try to be the best version of yourself that you can imagine. Inspire. Create. Live. Dream. Work hard. Love. Give. Help. Have joy. 

Those are the values that I value and the rest is just noise.