Monday, July 30, 2007

Codex Aureus Gilding

Yet more gilding and painting. Gwenhwfyr mastered gilding in one night, which is great as she has a new skill and I have less gilding to do! All the block colors are down now... just a hell of a lot of details left to go. Oh, and the small text.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Codex Aureus Text Page

Today saw a pile of detailing on the Codex Aureus piece. Sections of the detailing remind me of Russian easter eggs I used to make with my great aunt as a child. Also, I finally started on the text page which means a heck of a lot of gilding. I finished the sketch of all the large scale text, about half the gilding, and left space for the reamainder of the text in a small font style like a gloss. Should work out.

Until the detailing goes down, I forgot how gaudy the reds, blues, ochers, and greens all look in blocks of solid colors. A few more good nights/days of work like this and I shopuld have the piece wrapped up and ready to frame. Just have to get through a million spirals and free handed knotwork without losing my mind :)


SNQE went quite well and I was able to complete a good amount of detailing on Master Daimhin's pelican scroll. I must admit that since moving into my current abode, I have really had no workspace and therefore have gotten no work done. I'll be heading over to Gwenhwfyr's space to rent a portion of her dining room table and continue working on that piece later today.

This particular page (or set of pages) is from the Codex Aureus of Canterbury.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


I'll be attending SNQE this Saturday for oodles of scribal fun. Bringing two light tables and a selection of books from my personal library. I look forward to a lovely day of pawing through books and occasional painting to be followed by seared meat.