Friday, April 22, 2011


Photo by Mistress Lisabetta Gaheris surprised me by requesting that I create his Knighting scroll. It turns out that quite some time ago I calligraphed and illuminated his Award of Arms and that he is still fond of that piece.

His requests were that the piece be simple in design and not overly large, possibly with a Roman flavor.

Recipient: Gaheris Vitruvius Gracchus

Award: Order of Chivalry

Size: 9x12

Materials: Ink on pergamenata

Hand: Rustic capitals

Source: Utrecht Psalter

Text by: Sir Severin

gaheris This 9th century Carolingian book of Psalms was executed in a style called Bistre or Bister. Bistre is a type of ink made by burning wood and then boiling the soot down to extract color. Color can range from grey to a brown with yellow tones.

The art on the pages of the Utrecht Psalter consists not of illumination, but rather of pen and ink plain bistre drawings that illustrate the psalms and canticles. The book contains 108 leaves and measures 13 x 10 inches in size.

The finished piece was put on display during Gaheris’ vigil, illuminated by candle light and then was presented to him the next day on the field at Gulf Wars after his Knighting ceremony.