Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Daimhin's Pelican

Codex Aureus of Canturbury pages as a Pelican Scroll for Daimhin.

Many small details of the orginal were adapted in favor of personalization for the recipient. Photos of the original work can be viewed in this post. An angel in theoriginal work ws exchanged for a pelicn with similar wings and the pink background was changed to green to suit the recipient's personal colors. An addition of diaper work was added over the green background of a falling script in whispy white asian character looking letters as a nod to the Matrix.
The saints in the upright finials of the original were exchanged and now are representtive of two formative Peers of the recipient. One, Baron Taly, holds a scroll bearin he alpha and omega and the exploding singulaity behind him represents the big bang... which he may have been there to witness. The other, Baroness Bela, bears a wooden stick with a shiny nail through the end and the diaper ork behind her is a spray of white gouts, as found on her device.

Within the initial the original letters were adjusted and several of the xenomorph characters were adjusted to pelicans and dogs.

Piece executed in gouache on pergamenta taking far longer than it should of.