Monday, April 01, 2013

Brenna's County and Rose, layer by layer

Finished piece, day 7

Let all who know see in her Trimarian Grace - a Countess.
Let all who know see in her a Rose’s Grace - a Queen.
See in her both worth and quality.
See in her the shining Emerald Sea.
See in her the grace of the blue stream
and the running silver of the Dream.
Thus do we, Kurn and Eridani, Crown of Trimaris
by These Letters of Patent name Brenna Jerabek a Countess
and elevate you to the Order of the Rose.
So done this Mar. 30th  AS XLVII

Text composed by: Lord James Highgate

Illumination and Calligraphy by: Baroness Maol Mide ingen Medra, OL, OP

Illumination inspired by: The Salzburg Missal Folio 60 verso. Circa 1480 in Regensburg, Salzburg

Day 6, more details, some faces started

Day 5, details in top scenes, finish detailing border leaves and roses

Day 4 cont. More clouds and shading

Day 4, finish base colors, continue shading, flowers and clouds in bottom scenes

Day 3  More base, some shading

Day 2, Gilding and base colors

Day 1, Gesso nightmares
Not to self: don't do another page like this is seven days. It is a terrible idea. Your hand hurts. Your back aches.  You are no longer 21 and can work for days on minimal sleep. You have a full time job. Knock it off already. Love, Reality.