Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wyvern's Heart for Draig

Wyvern's Heart for Draig Ui Meic Theire inspired by a leaf from Walters Museum MS W.185, known also as the Doffinnes Hours. I found the original to be simple yet elegant, more appropriate for a man than the usual flowers and bling I am naturally drawn to. The illumination for this was quite speedy: sketched, painted, and detailed in about 3 hours. My favorite detail is the trefoils in the white work on the right hand bar. I really need to put in some more calligraphy time as I feel my skills are slipping quite a bit. Award presented by Baron Segdae and Baroness Madeleine at Hero of the Chalice in Jan 2014.
Here's the presentation:
Photo credit: Jared Bluestein

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