Friday, August 28, 2009

An icon in progress

I am working on Sasha's Pelican scroll and decided to take some in-progress shots of the work as it continues. The original icon upon which this is based was executed by Russion iconographer Andrei Rublev who lived from the 1360's until about 1427 in Moscow.

The image is based upon the icon "Christ in Glory" which is a motif that Rublev replicated within his own works. The figure of Christ seated within a red diamond upon a blue oval bordered with a red curving-sided rectangle and gilding was painted several times by Rublev with varietion in the details. This is my own variation of his work.

This past weekend, HL Finneadan worked on the faces for the angles and the seated figure that is styled as Sasha rather than the savior. Her work is gorgeous and I will get details of the faces up soon.
The second photo shown is the progress made last night. I worked most of the night on the drapery of the clothing and think I am pretty much done with that section.


Sandra said...

Beautiful! I can't wait to see the finished scroll. You continue to show how many are inspired by your art. I have a few works in progress right now but can't show anything yet. *hugs*

liondormant said...

decidedly yummy!