Monday, August 31, 2009

A Finished Icon

Here is the finished product of the Russian icon style Pelican created for Master Sasha.

Award: Pelican

Recipient: Sasha

Materials: watercolor gouache, various period pigments, pergamenata, gold leaf, gold ink, ink

Face details on angels and central figure: Mistress Finneadan

Text Translation to Russian: Master Octavio de Flores

Calligraphy and Illumination: Maol Mide

The original icon upon which this is based was executed by Russion iconographer Andrei Rublev who lived from the 1360's until about 1427 in Moscow. The image is based upon the icon "Christ in Glory" which is a motif that Rublev replicated within his own works. The figure of Christ seated within a red diamond upon a blue oval bordered with a red curving-sided rectangle and gilding was painted several times by Rublev with variation in the details.

The halo of the central figure has been removed and the details in the four corners of the red have been adjusted to Pelicans. One of the angel faces has been replaced with Jack from Nightmare After Christmas. The text in the book was a last minute addition not pictured here but it was a Latin equivalent of ‘Give him the bird’, which is a joke we have used on several Pelican scrolls in the past.

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