Wednesday, April 09, 2014


A pink color morph of Passiflora incense.
A very rare sighting.
This year I scoffed at the idea of a New Years resolution to lose 10 pounds, eat more vegetables, work more on my garden or something else that won't change my life and that I will set aside in just a few months. Instead I decided to resolve to be a better and happier me by working on my perspective on life. I sincerely believe that when I improve myself, I improve those around me and we all have a better time of it.

I resolve to love the little things that are good: to raise them up high and point them out to the world, to acknowledge even the smallest good deed or tiny flower that makes my life better. A delicious curry, a wash of roadside flowers, a smile from a friend. These actually are the best parts of life and I will celebrate them rather than overlook them.

I resolve to cherish my friends and give gifts of time and service over gifts of things: I will make the lives of those around me better through giving of myself and my talents rather than creating more clutter. I will be a better friend and in return I will have better friends who will do the same for me.

I resolve to not wallow in sorrow and grief and anger: when those emotions wash over me I will turn away from them and put effort toward finding something good instead. When sadness sweeps in I will push it aside and ask the people in my life for a thing that makes them smile and I am sure my smile will return.

I resolve to remind my friends that they are good and important and needed: when they are in need I will help them, when they are sad I will hold them and when I can do anything to make their lives better or easier- I will.

I resolve to not giving my time, thoughts or efforts to those people or things in my life that do not deserve them: people that cause strife, those who are cruel to others, projects that don't benefit anyone at all- these will not get my time and will not be allowed to burrow into me like cancer. They don't deserve my time and they will get none of it.

My art is hanging in an art show.
I resolve to be better than I have been. I resolve to choose happiness. I just have this one life and at the end I will think it much too short, so now is the time to fully inhabit every moment, to fully live every day and to fully love all of those who love me.

At the end of this year, if I stick to this resolution I am certain that I will be better for it.

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