Thursday, November 01, 2012

Lorcan’s County

If I lead old friends into the fray,
I sing under the Shield,
And they fare into battle mighty and whole
and they fare from battle whole,
they are whole wherever they go.
------Havamal  verse 156.
All men praise nobility and worth. It is most praiseworthy of a King and Queen to recognize the accomplishments and value of their people. Therefore, We, Duncan and Larissa, King and Queen of Trimaris, do demand that all people honor the valiant and true Lorcann an Dubhghaille for this day He is proclaimed Earl. Let all the honors, rights, and privileges of this lofty rank be his due. For this day He has done the most noble and honorable of deeds.He has returned the fair Kingdom of Trimaris to Us richer and mightier than when He first received its Crown. Done by our hand this second of April, A.S. XLV
Duncan, King
Larissa, Queen
Design and Execution:
Design based upon the Ornside Bowl, an 8th century silver bowl crafted in York and found in the grave of a Viking warrior buried in Cumbria who likely looted the piece during a raid on York.
Shield Construction by Baron Segda ui Mordha

Drawn by Lady Brynna of Kildare

Text, Transliteration, Calligraphy and Illumination by Mistress Maol Mide ingen Medra

Painting assistance provided by HL Gwenhwfyr ber Cain, Lady Brynna of Kildare, HL Arianna Rosa Cristina de Veniziano, Mistress Theodora Perplexa, Lady Franca Donato and dozens more who assisted in small portions so they could lend their skills to this unique project.
      This piece was completed almost two years ago but I just recently received these close up photos of the work. Thanks to Patricia Bauman for the photos.

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