Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I wanna see your Peacock… feathers

Peacock feather border
This border is based upon a page from the Hours of Engelbert of Nassau which was illuminated by a Flemish artist known only as The Master of Mary of Burgundy. Painted bear Brussels circa 1485, this book was created for Englebert II, Duke of Nassau. This border of tromp l’oeil peacock feathers was inspired by folio 97, verso. 
This border is 5 inches by 7 inches, much smaller than usual SCA illumination used for awards but I was concerned that the intricacy of design would not scale well any larger.

I used this border for a Pelican scroll for Countess Grainne but I wanted to try just the border to see if this sort of design might be both acceptable for Kingdom use and a good use of time. The trouble with blank borders is that sometimes it can be hard to find inspiration when you are illuminating for an unknown recipient.

Also, I have found that I must balance the use of my time and find the point where I can produce a good number of very good pieces rather than just one extraordinary piece so I can be more helpful in my contributions. I created this piece in about 4-5 hours but I mucked about with the detailing for longer than I should have.


Tristan Alexander said...

Looks pretty good! I have wanted to do a version of this myself but as of yet have not. The small size is way more period than the larger ones and I think doing small scrolls that are little jewels like this, shoudl be encouraged for award scrolls!

Master Tristan

Kristen said...

Thanks Tristan. I have been working almost exclusively in 5x7 size scrolls for a few months now while creating pieces for Kingdom use. It is a good use of my time, and as you said, much more period.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Those feathers are simply gorgeous! I love how you balanced the green and the gold. The colors and the shine work amazingly well.


Kristen said...

Thanks Eléonore! I really enjoyed the light touch and the delicious colors. It is a challenge to get it just so, but the effort really pays off.