Sunday, July 29, 2007

Codex Aureus Text Page

Today saw a pile of detailing on the Codex Aureus piece. Sections of the detailing remind me of Russian easter eggs I used to make with my great aunt as a child. Also, I finally started on the text page which means a heck of a lot of gilding. I finished the sketch of all the large scale text, about half the gilding, and left space for the reamainder of the text in a small font style like a gloss. Should work out.

Until the detailing goes down, I forgot how gaudy the reds, blues, ochers, and greens all look in blocks of solid colors. A few more good nights/days of work like this and I shopuld have the piece wrapped up and ready to frame. Just have to get through a million spirals and free handed knotwork without losing my mind :)

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